It's easy for you to be greener, too. 

1) Order your favourite eco-cups. 2) Drink your coffee or tea. 3) We'll recycle them for you. 

We deliver a full line of delicious coffees and teas in portion packs, whole beans or eco-cups to your workplace.

Then we pick up your used eco-cups and recycle them, for free.


Workplace Delivery

Whether you prefer portion pack coffee, whole beans or eco-cups, teas or other specialty beverages, we deliver right to your kitchen. At Cabby's, we can take care of all your office beverage needs, including providing great equipment.

We work with our partners to offer water services and vending as well.

We're proud of our commitment to great service and it just got better through our used eco-cup pick-up and recycling. Just put your recyclable eco-cups in our collection cans and we'll pick them up every time we drop off new product.

"Since we switched, everybody loves the coffee and I appreciate the high level of service."

Patch, owner, Fraser Auto Body.


 Photo Credit:  ms.akr

We offer all kinds of office brewing equipment to meet your needs, from Bunn pour-over brewers to automatics.

Our environmental pick for single serve is the Real Cup RC400 brewer. Perfect for offices and workplaces, it is fully Real Cup, eco-cup and k-cup compatible, adjusts for 4 to 16 oz. brew sizes and it is a repairable machine with commercial grade parts.

Home Delivery

home delivery.jpg

We deliver our full range of eco-cups to homes across Winnipeg for free, with a minimum order of two boxes. At prices comparable to grocery stores, you can get all the Martinson Coffees, the Marley Coffees, the Brown Gold Coffees and the Higgin's and Burke teas to brew in your own kitchen.

If you like, we can pick up your eco-cups for recycling with your next home delivery as well.

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